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Europe as a project. Being protagonist of our future

DATA DI RILASCIO: 22/11/2019
ISBN: 9788849860733
LINGUAGGIO: italiano
AUTORE: S. Sangalli

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...project that we have been carrying on for years GO QUERCETO 💚 Europe: Back to the future of a political project ... Our Future Europe - Linking Europe ... . This event will feature a discussion on different ideas for reforming European Governance. Date: October 23, 2018, 12:30 pm Topic: European Macroeconomics & Governance A conversation about Europe's future with the bright young minds inheriting it. ... providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. ... The Future of Europe Project. Alternate Future of the Frozen World in Countryballs | The Movie | Season 1 an ... Our Future Europe - Linking Europe ... . ... The Future of Europe Project. Alternate Future of the Frozen World in Countryballs | The Movie | Season 1 and 2 | - Duration: 3:24:59. VoidViper Mapping Animation Production 883,300 views 3:24:59 10 successful Creative Europe projects If you are planning the project and looking for financing, draw inspiration from these 10 projects funded by Creative Europe. All these projects received grants from EUR 150 000 to nearly EUR 2 million. "Our future is based on freedom, particularly freedom of expression and freedom of movement, peace and security. For more than 60 years, Europe has offered us that," NovaDead said. He added that details of the picture were informed by the EU district's physical appearance. The future of the European project. ... (interventionist economic policy, a strong civil service, mistrust with regard to liberalism, Social Europe and also Powerful Europe) being in ... remedy this lack of "backbone" without undue delay and dare to debate publicly the content that should be given to the future direction of the European project. This was an occasion to reflect on the state of the European Union and look at the future of the integration process. At the end of the celebrations the leaders adopted and signed the Rome Declaration setting out a joint vision for the years to come. "We have united for the better. Europe is our common future," they said in the Declaration. If the future of the European Union continues as planned, a Greater Europe will rebalance unequal power struggles on the world stage, currently dominated by America even though America is consistently out-voted on many issues. But if the European experiment fails, it will disintegrate eventually into conflict and chaos. Let me focus on three issues that will be fundamental for the future of our continent. The first concerns the geographical perimeter of "Europe". The Commission considers the future of Europe to be the future of the EU27. Yet, it is obvious that the UK and many other countries that are not part of the "27" belong in Europe. "My city smart city" Project 2014-2015 April 30th, 2015 saw the conclusion, at Palazzo dei Congressi, of the "My City Smart City" educational project, promoted by EUR SpA, carried out with the co-operation of Open City Roma and dedicated to secondary schools in Rome's EUR district. A path that forms part of the broader "Smart City Lab Eur" scenario, of planning ideas for an intelligent city... This mythical anecdote circulates in many texts on the European integration process as evidence of the possibly important contribution of culture to Europeanization and the creation of that wonderful species of being, Europeans-- or at least people who might identify themselves with the European integration project. THE 5TH EPISODE! EVEN LONGER THAN EPISODE 4! Please like, comment & subscribe :) And whatever else you wanna do. The EUROPE project focused on the implementation in a broader European context of a novel approach, known as the Quiet Time programme based on Transcendental Meditation (Quiet Time/TM) for schools, having the potential to contribute to National and European strategies in answer to the Paris Declaration (1, 2), being a whole-school proven approach for promoting social inclusion, tolerance, non ... PROJECT EUROPE 2030 Challenges and Opportunities ... our future. Unfortunately, the financial crisis, which was the result of shortcomings in the ... with our neighbours; and the ability to represent our interests abroad. The EU project should also become a citizens' project. This is one of six winning student columns for the Financial Times' Future of Europe Project, a conversation with the young minds who will inherit Europe about the issue s that will shape their future. Last week, our columnists shared their views. This week, the students share theirs. Europa, Jupiter's moon is known to have potential to support life. Hence a manned mission is sent to Europa to search for data proving existence of life there. "Europa report" shows the difficult choices and sacrifices the crew has to make to fulfill their objective of sending valuable data to Earth for research. for the well-being of our people, for the role that Europe will need to play in an increasingly multipolar world. A united Europe at 27 needs to shape its own destiny and carve out a...